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Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Which App is Best (For You)? There is an app for everyone.

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Which App is Best (For You)?
There is an app for everyone.

It’s been a hot minute since Uber packed up shop and left Trinidad and Tobago. As a user of the service, I was less than impressed when they left as I found the service to be convenient, easy to use and affordable.

Since their departure however, we have seen more than a few rideshare services pop up, giving commuters many options for getting around. With varying features and benefits, there is seemingly an app for everyone. Depending on what’s important to you, any of these rideshare services might be the right fit for you.

I’ve used one or two of these apps but the systems analyst in me was happy to download each app and scrutinize their usability and functionality.

01. Travee

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of Travee website.

Travee first popped up on my radar in the later part of 2021, and I was eager to try their app as I was super impressed with their brand image and advertising.

One feature that stood out to me was the ability to book rides for others. After installing the app, I was greeted with more features that had me couya my mouth. There are English and Spanish language options and an option that allows you to indicate the number of luggage pieces you are bringing along with you. Not bags eh. Luggage. You can view their list of app features on the Travee website.

The app does have a bit of a learning curve as some functions on the interface aren’t where you may be used to seeing them on other apps but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty straightforward.

Estimated fare based on a 1 km ride: TTD 25.00 (Travee Cab)

Available in Tobago?: Yes, but driver availability is limited

Pros: Lots of features

Ready to give Travee a try? Use our #FoundItOnLOCAL code to receive $5.00 ttd in your wallet.

Already a Travee user? Share your Travee experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

02. Pink Cab

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of Pink Cab website

Pink Cab’s rideshare app promotes safety for women and children. All drivers are women who are screened for criminal history, and riders are limited to women and children only. According to the FAQ section of the app, children must be accompanied by an adult on rides.

When booking rides, there is an option for requesting a baby seat. How awesome is that?

Pink Cab’s prioritization of safety for both riders and drivers is clear throughout their brand communication. You can learn more about the Pink Cab philosophy on their website.

Estimated fare based on a 1 km ride: TTD 34.00

Available in Tobago?: Yes

Pros: Exclusive to women and children

Ready to give Pink Cab a try? Sign-up using our #FoundItOnLOCAL code.

Already a Pink Cab user? Share your Pink Cab experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

03. allRiDi

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of allRiDi website

Every time I come across allRiDi, I can’t help but think of Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura character and the way he said or sang “allllllllrighty then.”


I was pretty impressed with allRiDi’s ease of use. Sign-up is quick and easy, and the layout and functionality of the app are well presented.

Another thing I’ve also noticed about allRiDi is their positive customer service reviews on Twitter. Riders generally commend allRiDi drivers as well as the app´s chat support.

One Reddit user shared that they have better luck hailing rides from allRidi in the South, so if you’re in South Trinidad, allRiDi may be the one for you.

allRiDi is allridi by me. Sorry, I had to do it.

Pricing for 1km ride: TTD 26.00

Available in Tobago?: No

Pros: Easy to use, excellent customer service

Ready to give allRiDi a try? Use our #FoundItOnLOCAL code for a discount on your first ride.

Already an allRiDi user? Share your allRiDi experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

04. TT RideShare

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of TTRS website

If you’re one of those people who believes the Doubles Man with the biggest crowd has the best doubles, this is the rideshare app for you.

TT RideShare is also known as TTRS and is one of the most popular rideshare apps in the country. They became popular after Uber paused their operations in T&T.
I’ve used TTRS a few times, and the service is pretty reliable.

Pricing for 1km ride: TTD 27.00

Available in Tobago?: Yes but pre-booking is encouraged (at least 24 hours prior)

Pros: Reliable

Ready to give TTRS a try? Use our #FoundItOnLOCAL code for a discount on your first ride.

Already a TTRS user? Share your TTRS experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

05. DeliverMe TT

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of DeliverMe TT website

The first time I came across DeliverMe TT, it was the name that piqued my interest. I downloaded the app, registered, and booked a ride.

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The driver accepted my ride and called to inform me that I could expect to be waiting for some time because of some nasty traffic on the highway. She offered me the option of cancelling the ride, which I accepted.

My interaction with that driver left me feeling that the level of courteousness was above average. And from what I can see on their Instagram, users of the service share this sentiment.

DeliverMe TT rides can be booked by calling 683-RIDE (7433) or by downloading their app.

Pricing for 1km ride: TTD 23.00

Available in Tobago?: Yes. Pre-booking encouraged.

Pros: Polite and courteous drivers

Already a DeliverMe TT user? Share your DeliverMe TT experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

06. DROP

Rideshare Trinidad and Tobago: Screenshot of Drop website

I first heard of DROP around the same time I learned that Uber was available in T&T. Their pricing structure at the time was based on zones however that has since been changed to charging by distance and time for on-demand bookings. Additionally, it’s worth noting that during the hours of 1 am to 5 am, there is a 10% surcharge added to the regular rate card.

According to their website, pre-booked rides are still priced based on zones, and there is also an option to pay a flat hourly rate of $175.00 per hour for rides two hours or more.

You can book rides by calling 866-DROP toll-free or by downloading their app.

Pricing for 1.75km ride: $18.00

Available in Tobago?: Can’t say for sure. I wrote to DROP but did not receive a response. I will update once this information is confirmed.

Pros: Various booking options

Are you a DROP user? Share your DROP experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

Honourable Mention: TT Cab

Before writing this article, I had not heard of TT Cab. I stumbled upon it in the Play Store while searching for the other rideshare apps. I downloaded the app and found that the sign-up process was easy, and the app had all the basic rideshare features.

Their website boasts the lowest rates in T&T, with rides starting at TTD 24.00.

Have you used TT Cab? Share your TT Cab experience with the LOCAL(868) community.

So, which rideshare service in T&T do you think is best? Did we miss any?

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in June 2022 and has been updated to include changes in pricing.

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