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Trinis, are you guilty of this annoying habit when using public transportation?

Trinis, are you guilty of this annoying habit when using public transportation?

I hadn’t seen the beach in over a year so I spontaneously invited a friend to join me in taking a trip to Big Bay, Sans Souci using public transportation. Little did I know that this adventure would test my patience and resilience in dealing with Mr. Inconsiderate—a challenge to my vow of embracing better habits in the new year.

My friend and I found seats towards the back of the maxi taxi and settled in for the hour long journey from Sangre Grande to Big Bay. There was a vacant seat beside us and it wasn’t long before a man entered the vehicle and occupied the seat next to my friend.

We were still waiting for the taxi to fill up when this man pulled out his phone and began scrolling through social media WITH the sound on. I mean, who does that?

It was loud, annoying, and completely rude. I decided to take matters into my own hands and began to confront him, starting with a polite although slightly annoyed “Sir…” But before I could continue, my friend cut in and said softly, “Excuse me sir, can you turn that down, please?”

He didn’t even look in our direction or acknowledge us in anyway but “complied” by turning the volume down ever so slightly. Well, that and nothing was the same. Alyuh believe this man?

I was so annoyed that I had to express how rude I thought it was for this “gentleman” to act as if he was the only one in the vehicle. I couldn’t believe that someone could be so selfish and inconsiderate. My friend summed it up perfectly when she said, “It must be nice to go through life not caring about anybody other than yourself.”

A few minutes later we were on our way, and thankfully the driver had a music system. He put on some reggae tunes that drowned out the sound of the Mr. Inconsiderate’s phone so he turned it off and put it away. Our moods were instantly lifted and we bobbed our heads, enjoying the music. It was like God was sending me a sign to calm down and enjoy the ride.

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In the end, my impromptu beach trip, turned into a profound lesson on the importance of consideration during public transportation journeys. Mr. Inconsiderate’s antics challenged my patience and reinforced the vital role empathy and courtesy play in shared spaces. It’s crucial to recognize that our actions can impact others, and by simply being more mindful of our fellow passengers, we can create a more enjoyable and respectful commuting experience for everyone.

That said, tell me why the guy sitting right behind me spent the entire ride speaking loudly on the phone? Public transportation adventures never cease to amaze!

Happy travels :).

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