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My top go-to meals for dinner when current gone or the place flood out

My top go-to meals for dinner when current gone or the place flood out

Heavy rains and power outages are less than ideal experiences in T&T. We’re inclined to equate these happenings with rising flood waters and if the power happens to go out at night, well then, prepare to experience a muggy evening and possibly fight with mosquitoes. On the bright side, it can be the coziest of times when you’re safe inside with your loved ones. Bonus cozy points if these two happenings occur simultaneously at night. It takes me back to my grandmother’s kitchen at dinner time, and I feel compelled to pull out my platin or iron pot and cook myself a dinner like mama (my grandmother) and/or mom used to make. There are a few meals that make my cozy fantasy complete.

1. Fried bakes and (almost) any Fish

I love me some saltfish, shark, smoke herring, or carite fish with fried bake. I used to go crazy for “fry dry” as a child but somehow it doesn’t have the same appeal in my adulthood.

2. Hot roast bake with butter or cheese

Nobody can make a roast bake better than my mother. I’ve witnessed her in the kitchen while she kneads the dough countless times and I still cannot do it like she does. Ideally, I love to have my mom’s roast bake with butter and cheese and a cup of hot cocoa tea (bay leaves and ginger included), but if not, I make it myself. Either way this is the ultimate comfort food treat!

3. Fish broth/Fish tea

Heavy rain and fish broth? Count me in! This meal is warm and cozy, like a mother’s hug. Fish and veggies seasoned to perfection, is as delicious as it is healthy.

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4. Boil corn

I don’t usually have ears of corn on hand for this treat, but if the stars align and I manage to have some, well, it’s on like boiled corn! Sorry for being so corny. Oops, I did it again! #sorrynotsorry

So, do we have any cozy weather favourites in common? What are your go-to meals when you’re stuck inside and/or in the dark?

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