10 times song lyrics from soca music made me extremely happy to be living in this part of the world

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These lyrics are born out of the inspiration, fun, and creativity that only life in the Caribbean brings.

1. When Tuner sang

“Yuh body done tease me
You make me feel like 12 years old again”

It’s his voice and the way that he uses his voice too. Amazing combination.

2. When Swappie sang

“And come nah gyal let me emphasis sorry emphasize

on your pretty thighs with meh eagle eyes

baby girl if yuh over age and yuh legalize

me and you could steamalize

nobody cannot penalize we”

It’s the correction for me. Who comes up with these things?

3. When Machel sang

“Yuh could get charge for wining like dat

Oh gyal yuh could make ah jail

because yuh body good oye”

Since I heard this song, “body good oye” has become part of my regular speech.

4. When Sekon Sta sang

“Ah butter she nice

like she’s a cassava”

As a foodie, I totally appreciated this line. Butter cassava is good food too.

5. When Lil Bitts sang

“…cuz it sweet like cinnamon

like K.C. Candy Dinner Mint

but hotter than a peppermint

make you harder than cement

when yuh reach inside you’ll break up just like divorce settlement”


“Concentrate, Party Mix boy, concentrate”

WHAT?! I have no words.

6. When Nadia sang

“I thought yuh hiding

I thought yuh went foreign

Look how ting does happen nah”

One of my favourite things is when our everyday speech influences the lyrics of a song.

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7. When Denise sang

“If wining was a university

yuh woulda have a degree”

This line and the “ah goin an put it on” part of this song is everything.

8. When Shayne sang

“Ah wuh yuh hold meh

like yuh makin juice on ah morning

squeeze the sweetness outta meh”

Like yuh making juice, yuh know. Take win.

9. When Bunji sang

“Gyal yuh in charge

like a great sarge

ah want to wine on you

but I fraid ah go discharge”

Bunji is a lyrical king of soca music and these few lines are an example of his greatness.

10. When Destra sang

“With meh bumpa bout and meh foot cock out”

If you know me, you’d know that no soca-related list is complete without my girl Destra. All the lyrics in this song move me.

What are some of your favourite soca song lyrics? Share them in the comments below.

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