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Havana Bake and Shark is Bringing Maracas Bay to You

Havana Bake and Shark is Bringing Maracas Bay to You

Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image
Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image
Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image
Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image
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Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image

For me going to Maracas beach is synonymous with bake and shark. A little sea breeze, bake and shark and you good to go. But with the stay-at-home order in effect these days, there is no beach-going and no bake and shark. Or so I thought. It was as I was going through my Instagram feed on Friday, I came across the Instagram page for Havana Bake and Shark (formerly known as Mona’s Bake and Shark). And they happened to be offering a weekend delivery service. Their page was enough to intrigue, so my business partner and I decided to give it a try. We hope it’d be worth it for a few reasons. One, we get bake and shark and two, we’d have a new brand experience to share with our audience on LOCAL’s social media pages. This is our Havana Bake and Shark food review.

The Havana Bake and Shark IG page

The link on their Instagram bio, leads to the order page on their website. The page is pretty clear, for the most part. You are greeted with images of the items that are available for order along with the price of each. So far, they have just two items: bake and shark at 35 TTD and shark bites at 30 TTD. The requirements for ordering follows, stating that there is a minimum order quantity of three items and that orders must be placed by 6:00 pm on Friday. There are separate delivery dates for the north (Saturday), and for the central/south (Sunday). Lastly, a simple form to take your order details is displayed and that’s it. 

The order page, however, did not include the delivery charge or any payment options. After looking through the site and IG page to see if we missed it, we decided to call to find out. We were told that delivery would cost 15 TTD, and the only payment option is cash on delivery. We were also told that we can expect to receive the order between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and that the driver would call when he was on his way.

Armed with all the information we needed, we completed the order form and was met with a confirmation message stating that a team member would contact very soon. This left us wondering whether we would receive a call before the call we’d be expecting from the driver on the day of delivery. Ultimately, we didn’t receive a call, so we concluded that this referred to the call we would receive when the delivery was near.

Order Confirmation Message on

As we are located in the north, our order was expected the following day on Saturday. At 11:00 am, we started feeling a bit anxious when we were yet to receive a call, and at about 11:45 am we reached out to get an update on the delivery.
We were assured that the driver already left with the order and would contact us soon.

It was not long after that, the driver called to inform that he was on his way. Yay! He asked that I send my location via WhatsApp. It was 12:40 pm when he arrived. He was dressed in a Havana Bake and Shark branded polo shirt, and introduced himself as Keston. We made the exchange and with a sharpened beak, I headed inside to taste a bit of Maracas Bay.

We got two orders of bake and shark and one order of shark bites.
The bake and shark was packaged in a wide black bottom plastic container with a branded label stuck atop. The sandwich was fixed to one end, the toppings toward the other end, and three sauces were nestled between the two. We were excited to see a few of the beloved veggies and dressings we’re used to having at the beach. The veggies looked crisp and included lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, and pineapple. The sauces included tamarind, chadon beni, and garlic sauce. In a separate pack, we received small packets of Swiss ketchup, mustard and pepper, a K.C dinner mint, and reheating instructions.

The order of shark bites was packaged in a small white branded burger box and included a sauce. I assume it to be some type of tartar sauce. 

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Additional dressing and Re-heat Instructions

After a quick photoshoot, we reheated our sandwiches, dressed them to our liking, and got our Maracas Bay on.

The bake was soft and not at all tough or rubbery even after reheating. The fish lost its crunch but was moist and still had the taste of shark you expect from the Bay. I did miss some of the other toppings and the freedom to laden my sandwich with as much sauce as I like but ultimately it was a decent sandwich.

Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image
The Bake and Shark

Though the ordering process could be a bit tighter and it’s not exactly what you would get at the beach, I’d definitely say it is worth the buy. The price is fair, the taste is decent and the staff is polite. If you want a bit of Maracas bay delivered to your doorstep, try Havana Bake and Shark.

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Havana Bake and Shark Gallery image

Polite staff

Food received within the time promised

Fair price

Simple ordering process


Delivery charge, times and payment options are not listed on the website

Only one payment option

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