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I’ve never liked the idea of rice and callaloo, at least not without a macaroni pie or some sort of pasta dish somewhere on the plate but Joshua’s might have convinced me that it isn’t that bad.


Joshua’s is a food delivery and catering service operated by its namesake who says he learned to cook out of necessity. The business officially opened up at Mas Camp in 2013 after he approached the owners on having a day kitchen there.

The Menu

In exchange for this review, Joshua’s sent us a dish from their menu. They release a menu each week with options from Tuesday to Friday. Their menu features creole, Asian style as well as their famous “fryday” meals which consist of fried favourites offered on Fridays.

The Cost

Meals are priced at $50.00 and come with a free drink except on Thursdays when meals are $30.00 which is fondly referred to on their menu as “Thirty Dollar Thursday”. They also offer free delivery if you are located between Diego Martin and Port-of-Spain. That’s not all for their deals though, with their office special you get one small lunch free when you order five meals.

How to Order

Ordering must be done by at least 4:00 p.m. the day before via phone call, WhatsApp or email. They took a name and number and confirmed our order. Shanice who communicated via WhatsApp was very thorough, informing that deliveries usually begin at 11:00 a.m. and any changes will be communicated.


On the morning of the delivery, Shanice reached out informing that lunch will be delivered by 12:30 p.m.. At 12:16 p.m. she provided an update on the driver’s whereabouts, keeping us in the loop at all times. The food was delivered by Joshua himself who was extremely warm and friendly. The experience from order to delivery was absolutely delightful. Talk about customer service.

Food (Appearance)

The food was provided in a clear plastic container with a Joshua’s label affixed. Inside was a healthy serving of white rice, callaloo, sautéed corn and coconut stew chicken. We also had another container that replaced the stew chicken with stew pork.

Joshua’s Packaging

The callaloo was a rich green but the chicken was a little pale for stew. I considered that it was a coconut stew and concluded that some of the colour was perhaps lost in the process of adding the coconut milk to these brown dishes. The pieces of chicken were also cut a bit large for stew chicken but this is a pet peeve of mine.

Joshua’s Rice, Callaloo, Sauteed Corn and Coconut Stew Pork

I believe it to be an unwritten rule that stew and curry pieces should always be cut small. I decided to test the theory and set up a poll on LOCAL’s Instagram. Though the results showed that the majority of people prefer small pieces to larger pieces, some people prefer large pieces after all. Overall the dish definitely gave me that home-cooked vibe and took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen.

screenshot of Poll on LOCAL’s IG

Food (Taste)

After a few photos, we reheated and gave it a taste. The callaloo immediately stood out. There was an explosion of seasoning accompanied by the familiar smooth taste expected with callaloo. The rice was more that you’d expect for white rice. It wasn’t just plain, it was moist, and cooked just right. Not too soft and not too grainy. The chicken and pork definitely lived up to its name. Coconut flavour penetrated both dishes and the meat was juicy and tender. I’m a chicken ‘pyong’ but this time the pork did it for me. The sautéed corn was sweet and tasty but perhaps a salad would have been a better choice for the dish as a nice way to break up all the flavour that was happening elsewhere on the plate.

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Definitely give Joshua’s a try for lunch if you are looking for that home-away-from-home type of meal. I am certain that their other dishes will not disappoint. We will definitely try more of their menu in the future.

Join the Conversation

Let us know in the comments if you prefer your stew and curry pieces to be on the smaller side or if this is something you do not mind at all.

What the Ratings Mean: Ratings range from 1 to 100. 1 to 10 is Disaster. 11 -29, Awful. 30 – 44, Mediocre. 45 – 59, Good. 60 – 74 , Great. 75 – 89 Amazing. 90 – 100, Masterpiece.

Have you tried Joshua’s? Share your experience with us.

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