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Fun Facts on Terri Lyons’ 2020 Calypso “Meghan, My Dear”

Fun Facts on Terri Lyons’ 2020 Calypso “Meghan, My Dear”


If you’re a trivia buff like I am and you like Terri Lyons’ “Meghan, My Dear” – you’re in for a treat. Here are a few details from behind-the-scenes on the 2020 calypso hit.

1. “Meghan, My Dear was written by Maria Bhola and Terri Lyons. Maria Bhola is also a calypsonian.

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2. The Queen was played by Natasha Lake – an actress and radio presenter on NEXT 99.1 FM and Talk City 91.1 FM.

3. Prince Harry was played by Albert Smith – a talented actor and makeup artist. Albert was responsible for doing his and the makeup of the others on the team. All kinds of talented.

4. Terri’s wardrobe was supplied by Kooti’s Clothing in Couva – a boutique that specializes in bridal and designer gowns.

5. The night of her Calypso Monarch win was very special to Terri.

In an Instagram post thanking everyone for their love on her Calypso Monarch win, Terri relayed that her winning the 2020 title was serendipitous. She expressed that she lost her mom when she was just 20 years old and, her mom’s birthday was on February 20th, the same date as her win. In the words of Nadia Batson – look how ting does happen nah. Congratulations Terri! This win was your destiny.

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