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4 calypsoes from Carnival 2023 that deserve playlist status

4 calypsoes from Carnival 2023 that deserve playlist status

The 2023 Carnival season is officially over and here I am again to share my favourite picks in calypso. Surprisingly, none of these grabbed the Calypso Monarch title on Dimanche Gras night but I found them to be some of the best contributions to calypso and definitely playlist worthy.

Heaven ‘Snakey’ Charles – What Yuh Need Again, Trinbago?

This song is truly a celebration of all the wonderful things that make our country great. It highlights our accomplishments over the past 60 years as an independent nation, and the lyrics are full of precious memories and moments. But it is the smooth and majestic melody that truly captivates the listener. It is no surprise that this song was crowned the Diamond Jubilee Independence Calypso Monarch. I also thoroughly enjoyed the dance moves for the performance on Dimanche Gras night.

What yuh need again

to know your worth?

And your significance

on planet earth?

What yuh need again

Red, White and Black?

Sixty runs on board

And we not turning back

Lyrics from Snakey’s What Yuh Need Again Trinbago

See full lyrics here

People Man – Maria Bhola

We all enjoy a little bachanal sprinkled on our calypsoes and this one did not fail to deliver. Maria Bhola is a brilliant song writer and her contribution to the season was very entertaining. The song cheekily invites the “outside woman” to join the family by participating in the running of the marital home.

Wednesdays dem children have lessons

Daniel catchin’ he tail with maths

I hope you at least have some passes

so maybe you could help him with dat

Lyrics from Maria Bhola’s People Man

See full lyrics here

Tameika Darius – Susheila’s Jahaji Bash

Tameika’s contribution was the only political commentary that made it to the finals this season. She highlighted Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s comment about a fellow politician’s name being that of the slave master, while her own name comes from her ancestry. The lyrics and melody were simply classic, and really showcased the style of political commentary we all know and love!

So many years since Jahaji Bai

She kiss race relations goodbye

Fling we history back

See Also

in a vicious way

Lyrics from Tameika Darius’ Susheila’s Jahaji Bash

See full lyrics here

Chuck Gordon – Maths Eh Mathsin

I would have loved this to be the winning monarch on Dimanche Gras night. Not gonna lie, I definitely called robbery when I heard the results. Chuck delivered a pore-raising performance singing on the matter of rising prices and other matters that just don’t seem to add up in our daily lives as Trinbagonians. This calypso has ‘wine-bottom’ rhythm while delivering relatable lyrics. Chuck yuh get on!

99 percent suffering

and it eh adding up for sure

cause the 1 percent

controlling 100 percent

of the lives of the poor

Lyrics from Chuck Gordon’s Maths Eh Mathsin

See full lyrics here

Now that I’ve shared my top picks for calypso music this year, I’m curious to know what songs are on your calypso playlist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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