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Interested in writing for LOCAL(868)?

Our content is created to inform on fantastic local brands and experiences for both locals and foreigners/visitors.

We accept posts from our community of writers on everything from:

  • reviews of brands and experiences

  • How to’s

  • lifestyle tips

  • Basically, anything that will educate, inspire or help someone looking to support our local community.

Article format

Topics – Take a read through the LOCAL(868) blog to get a feel for the type of content we create.

Our main content categories are:

  • Products  

  • Services 

  • Retailers 

  • Food and Restaurants

  • Activities 

  • Entertainment

  • Events

  • Lifestyle

Word count
Articles should be 300 – 1200 words and should allow you to get your point across in the most efficient manner.

Fresh content
Your post should be original and not appear elsewhere online or offline, unless discussed with us prior to acceptance.


You don’t have to submit any photos with your article unless it is relevant to the post itself and you’re showing how something is done.

Please include a 2-3 sentence author bio in the body of your email with a link to your website/blog and chosen social media platforms along with a high-resolution image of yourself preferably on a white or solid colour background.

We reserve the right to lightly edit your post for some corrections to ensure it works with our audience. If we feel it needs more editing than that, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss.

Submitting your article

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Writers are paid TTD 0.50c per word for accepted articles.