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Trinidad and Tobago is full of many quality brands and experiences. But with global digital noise and other challenges small businesses face in our region, it can be difficult to find them. LOCAL was born to bring you the best of T&T all in one place.

Our vision is to become the go-to platform that informs both locals and foreigners of fantastic local brands and experiences.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to change the meaning behind the word local in the Caribbean and shift the cultural belief that if it’s local, it’s not good, not worth the price or can’t be trusted. 

About Us

LOCAL(868) helps people connect with quality local brands and experiences. Our platform is fun, engaging and focuses on delivering a positive user experience. We connect our users to brands through our website, the LOCAL(868) marketplace, our blog and other digital content. We’re here to promote patriotism through the business community and make the local experience a fabulous one.

How We Help Businesses

LOCAL Seller

LOCAL brands can improve their local visibility, attract new customers and sell online with the LOCAL(868) platform.

In addition to that, we help build quality brands that realize their business goals and that locals and foreigners will love.

Whether you’re a start-up, a freelancer, an artist or an existing business, we help you build a quality brand through services that help you meet your business goals and create or improve your brand image.

Meet the Team

Jacqui Lewis

Founder & CEO
Jacqui Lewis

CJ Joseph

Claudia Joseph

These are the minds behind LOCAL. They value quality and excellence. They love learning about businesses and meeting the people behind them. They love experiencing new things and creating fun content around it. They love building the LOCAL(868) brand as well as helping others to build successful brands.

How It All Began

Yes We Have That Here

LOCAL was founded in 2018 by Jacqui Lewis whose passion for information systems, design and local excellence lead her to this idea.

“As a millennial and an introvert, I live online. This often led to me shopping online because I felt like it was difficult to find things locally using online search. Whenever I came across a local brand I love I would find myself remarking “we have that here?!” This is how the hashtag #yeswehavethathere came about for us. The more I came across local brands, the more I wanted to know what else is out there. And so, I decided to use my skills in systems analysis and design to create the LOCAL brand and help make the excellent brands created by
small and medium businesses
accessible to everyone.”

Here’s to spreading
local love.